Reins on Toddlers – Child safety tips in public places

Reins for toddlers for safety

It is never safe to take a child to a public place and leave them unmonitored. Reins for toddlers has probably crossed your mind. Children above a certain age may be left independent but even then, they are best advised to stay safe. An emergency situation may arise any time and if children remain unattended, the potential for risk increases.

Sometimes the presence of an adult in the vicinity of the child helps a situation from escalating. Once in a while, maybe every week we need to take the children out to the park. They need to play, mingle with other kids and socialize but all of this should happen under the supervision of the parents.

  • Parents who are unable to accompany the child to the park or play area can hire maids or nannies who will carry out their instructions of safety.
  • If you have taken the children to unfamiliar surroundings, remember that the children will not know their way around. They should be accompanied at all times, lest they get lost.
  • Since every one carries a cell phone, children should be asked to memorize their parents’ numbers. They should also be taught their home address and telephone number if they have a landline number.
  • Children should be taught to contact the police personnel and familiarize them with the kind of dress and their duties.
  • When walking in a crowded place, hold their hands tightly. Some children are naughty and they may try to shake your hand off but you need to tell them they may get lost and will never get to see you again if that happens. Consider using reins for toddlers.
  • There are helpline numbers for children. If the child is a little old to understand, ask them to memorize the Missing Children’s Hotline 116 000.
  • Teach children early on that they must not wander off to areas that they do not know. They might fall into wrong hands and may also injure themselves. Before venturing into secluded places, they should ask you or inform you about their whereabouts.
  • Children shouldn’t accept anything from strangers in public places. They should not also ask for anything from people they do not know.
  • Older children should learn how to cross roads and identify their vehicles. They should know how to ask for directions and ask them to practice with you. Once they are confident that they can do it when on their own, teach them to tell you who they are going with, where they are going and when they will be back. They should know how far they are travelling and how much time that involves.
  • Teach children to come to a common place in the mall or a park where they can be easily seen or safe. They should wait until their parents come searching for them. There are guards who can assist them. Tell the children to report to the guard.
  • There will be bullies in public places. The child should learn to ignore them or deal with them. Build your child’s self-esteem with love, care and education. They should grow up smart and confident to make a place for themselves in the big wide world.

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